Is your car’s air conditioning or heating system not working properly? Don’t let the temperature in your car make you uncomfortable. Come visit Patriots Auto Body Repair in Lowell, MA 01851 and we’ll get you to your comfort zone again.

Even if your heat or A/C is not working to its full limit, it’s still advisable to pay a visit to Patriots Auto Body. That’s because heating and A/C systems may go down as you keep using them, and hose pipes may clog and drip if not taken care of. Let us look at your vehicle and keep your systems working to the maximum. Call us at 617-285-2962 to learn more about how we can get your air conditioning or heating functioning again!

Signs your A/C system may be having problems:

If the air blown is only slightly cooler than the exterior air.

Air that blows in smells moldy.

Your car does not warm up in freezing weather or is slightly warmer than the exterior air.

The defroster takes longer than normal to function or does not work at all.

Your heater or A/C only works when you drive or stops blowing when the car is parked.

Your heating is cold, or the air conditioning is warm.

Low air even at when the fan is set to the maximum.

A complete evaluation of heating and A/C system includes:

The examination of the internal controls and blower

Checking the radiator coolant, hoses, pressure radiator cap and thermostat

The inspection of the compressor belt

The inspection for leaks or any typical damages

Performing a cooling system pressure test

The verification of the A/C pressure if it meets manufacturer specifications

Measuring the temperature of the interior air.

Patriots Auto Body repair and maintenance services include:

Air Conditioning

Have you been Sweating in your vehicle lately? Perhaps your car’s air conditioner is not working properly. At Patriots Auto Body we have qualified Mechanics who can repair your air conditioner. To have your air conditioning system repaired or replaced by our ASE Certified technicians consider stopping by Patriots Collision Center. You can also call us at 617-285-2962 with any concerns.

Coolant System Flush

All the car’s air conditioning system contains a coolant that turns the heat from the engine and finally loses it through the radiator fins. As time goes by the old coolant will start hurting the system’s performance. So, for the system to work effectively, you should consider having a regular coolant system flush. A coolant flush is a periodic maintenance for your car’s A/C system. Call 617-285-2962 or visit Patriots Auto Body in Lowell.


The fan belt, also called the drive belt. its main purpose is to rotate the water pump and engine fan, which allows for a cool atmosphere for the engine. With time, your vehicle’s fan belts will get old and then crack. When you are due for a replacement you can count on Patriots Auto Body for all your car repair needs. The professionals at Patriots Auto Body will inspect your vehicle’s belts and replace all worn belts.


The hoses role is to transfer the coolant and the antifreeze throughout the engine’s cooling system. With time again, your car’s hoses will get old and start to crack. When you are due for a replacement you can come to Patriots Auto Repair for all your vehicle’s repair needs.