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Custom Car Paint in Lowell, MA

Bored of seeing your car in that same regular color? Well time to customize it now. There are numerous options that can be chosen when it comes to the color of your car but few people are aware about that. They assume that they can only get those colors which are available by the company and that is true in some cases but then it also depends on the company you are choosing for customizing your car’s color. Give your ride a fresh new vibrant look with the color of your choice from Auto Body Custom Paint in Lowell which offers a vast variety of options that are surely going to give you a tough time in selecting which one is best, since all of those options will look stunning. These days, some of the famous types of paints for the cars are:

  • • Metallic Paint
  • • Pin striping
  • • Racing Stripes
  • • Fade
  • • Flames

Metallic Paint gives your car a shiny and glossy look especially in the day light when the sun rays touches the body and they reflect back. It is done by mixing the little particles of metal in the paint which is used for the car. That paint is literally available in all your desired shades and colors and all you have to do is to choose the best suitable color for you. Then comes pin striping. Basically it is a thin layer of paint which not primarily used to color the car but the main purpose of pun striping is to decorate the car which a permanent thin layer of paint. For example you want to make a specific logo or design on your car body then you will go for pin striping which can be done through various famous car paint job in lowell ma.

Another type of car paint is the racing stripes which are also known as Le Mans stripes. These stripes are usually done on the racing cars which help them to give a unique look and you can easily identify them among all other cars. Out of all other famous paint types, there is also a fade paint which is a blend of two or more paint colors. So what you do is that you give your car a mixture of colors which are blended and faded in such a way that it is unable to tell the difference that there have been other paints mixed in it. Last but not the least is the flames paint. An image of flames is given to the body of the car which can be in one or two colors and it gives an exotic look to your car. It used to be a popular trend in the 80’s but it has now trended again since the old trends always come back. By using some of these paints for your car, you can have an amazing experience and can turn your ride from ordinary to classy so that it can stand out among other cars.

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