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Auto Body Bumper Repair Service in Lowell, MA

On daily basis, you have to go through traffic issues due to the increase in number of population and the increase of people owning the car as it has become a necessity these days. While parking your car on a grocery shop or dodging a poll on your way, if your car has hit somewhere then there is likely a chance that you face some kind of bumper issues in your car. That bumper can be fixed through bumper repair service in Lowell by a professional. But the intensity of a bumper shows that whether it can be repaired or not. If the bumper has minor cracks then they can be repaired very easily and you will not have to change the whole bumper of your car at all. On the other hand, if the case is severe, you may have to get a new bumper.
The cases in which you will have to remove the bumper completely are:

  • • The cracks on the bumper are deep or huge in number.
  • • The bumper has lost a lot of material.

This can be changed from a well-known bumper repair service in Lowell who can check the bumper of your car and can suggest you what is best for your car and what is not. Often the body shops which provides insurance, can give you a free repair of a bumper if the insurance policy allow them. In major damages, the policy may vary from one company to other so you must know about the policies beforehand. The material needed for the repairing of a bumper includes heat gun or a hair dryer. Hair dryer is safer than a heat gun but in the extreme cases, it will not do the job for your car. Work gloves are highly important when you deal with such repairing cases because they provide safety and protection to your hands from any injury. More materials like jack are also needed.


When you take your car to a professional for car bumper replacement in Lowell, they will have all the required equipment. Usually the car is lifted and a support is given with a jack carefully. Then the splash guard, present underneath the car, is removed. After that, the damaged area of the bumper is heated with a heat gun or a hair dryer. While using a heat gun, keep it at a distant because it can be highly tricky to work with it. It is recommended that you do this thing with the help of a professional or a friend who can at least raise the vehicle and can heat the damaged area so that you can do rest of the work. If you does not have any idea how to fix it or you don’t have any kind of helpful hand, then it is better that you take your car to someone who can repair the bumper in a professional way so that you can save yourself from the trouble.

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