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Picture this, you’re riding down the street in Lowell and the check engine light turns on. What should you do? You are probably scared, a combination of anguish and panic. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! But as you keep going, nothing has changed in the way your car is moving, and this calms down a little. And you start ignoring that light while looking at your dashboard. Sound like someone you know?

At Patriots Auto Body, we see this every day, usually when car owners are coming to us with their vehicles that have broken down on the side of the street because they ignored this alarm on their dashboards. Our professional technicians believe it would be a great to educate our beloved clients on this common issue.

What’s the role of the check engine light in my dashboard?

The main role of the check engine light is an alarm. It is the screen of the computer system in your car, which controls your engine, emissions, fuel system among other things. When something is off or not working properly with one of these components, the check engine light turns on so you can be informed. At this point you should take your car to your go to mechanic for check engine light diagnostics in Lowell, MA.

Is it safe to drive my car with the check engine light on?

It depends, you could, but you actually should not. We can’t say this enough! This is an alarm to warn you that you have a problem. As you ignore it as you make it worst, causing more dame to your car and this will cost you. Taking your car as soon as you the light turns on can save you money.

Why the engine light to turns on?

It will turn on for so many reasons. But these are the most common causes:

A loose gas cap

A blown gasket head

Faulty oxygen sensors

Worn out spark plugs

Loose or cracked hoses

Sticky exhaust gas recirculation valves

Faulty fuel injector

How can Patriots Auto Body help?

At Patriots Auto Body, our technicians are ASE Certified, and we will diagnose and repair these check engine issues with ease. We have top of the line equipment and Snap On Diagnostic Computers to read the codes that your car’s computer provides, and we have the OEM parts to replace the faulty ones. We realize this is the last thing you want to deal with, but with our friendly customer service we are sure a check engine light in Lowell is under control!