Is your battery dead? Your starter or alternator are misfiring? For all your auto electrical repair and maintenance work, come to Patriots Auto Body in Lowell, MA 01851. We repair all cars with care, providing a high level of professionalism you can rely on.

Computer diagnostics

Our experienced mechanics in the Lowell area, work on multiple types and models of cars with multiple on-board diagnostics. Don’t ignore the lights that pops up on your dashboard; bring your car to Patriots Auto Body.

Patriots Auto Body uses the latest technology to check your car for problems and analyses what is wrong with it. Computer diagnostics provide us with the help to repair your car with precision, our services are a mixture of batteries, starters and alternators.

Our Lowell auto body shop doesn’t just rely on technician’s expertise to solve car problems; computer diagnostics help us to rule out specific problems. Certified professionals at Patriots Auto Body have the best technology, along with the necessary experience to prevail and solve all your auto problems. working on your car is our passion and getting you back on the road is our only goal.

Our Electrical  Repair services include:

Car battery

The role of the battery is to supply electric energy to the starter motor, the lights and the ignition system while cranking to start the engine of the car. It also provides extra current when the alternator needs extra supply and sometimes it becomes an electrical reservoir.

If you must jump-start your car every time you need to start your car then your battery is dying. When your car battery starts deteriorating, it must be replaced. If you are having problems with your car battery, visit Patriots Auto Body Repair in Lowell. We test all types of batteries and we will replace the battery if needed to get you back on the road.


Starters failures are very common, and we see them at patriots Auto Body all the time. if your car’s starter fails and you end up on the side of the road, call Patriots at 617-285-2962 for help. At Patriots Auto Body, we have professionals who can cater to all your starter needs.


Alternators are crucial to your car’s engine. When your car’s alternator fails, or malfunctions visit Patriots Auto Body. We have certified Mechanics who can solve all your alternator problems to get your car working again.