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One of the most important medium of transportation is an affordable car which has become the need of each single person these days. Often people are not aware about the procedure of availing the benefits of insurance. If you are one of those people who own a car but have no idea what you need to know about CAR INSURANCE then this is a must read for you. One of the most important things is to know the basic two types of automobile insurance which are third party insurance policy and complete coverage policy. According to the act of 1988, the third party policy is a must for all car buyers and each single company provides that. Whereas the complete coverage policy varies from company to company just like Insurance Collision Center in Lowell has their own policy and conditions.

The services that come under the complete coverage policy of automobile insurance are:

  • • Handles the damage done by the owner of that vehicle.
  • • Looks after any type of accident which causes damage to the car body.
  • • Damage done on the car body by the weather is treated.
  • • Treats the damage of the car body due to any case of theft.
  • • Destruction or harm of car body due to the act of terrorism.

While some companies provide insurance of the damage done in the engine, other amazing companies like accident claim workshop in Lowell look after the car body and its treatment due to any kind of damage. No one is going to tell you about the type of damage that has no insurance. The insurance company from where you bought the vehicle will not provide you insurance if the damage done on your car was due to following reasons:

  • • You were on drugs when the damage on your car occurred.
  • • Your vehicle was involved in any illegal activity.
  • • You were not having an authentic driving license while driving that vehicle.
  • • The damage occurred on your car outside the country from where you bought that vehicle.
  • • You were involved in an activity which the company’s policy has instructed you to avoid.

These were some of the important facts about insurance companies that a person must know so that he can save himself from any kind of future hurdles. These days you can buy the insurance policies from online websites as well. Since the technology has progressed with time, each company is trying to cope up with that pace of progress and the paper work, which used to be an old medium, is coming to an end. Although paper work is still very important for us, but when it comes to buying the insurance policies online, one must be very careful and should ask for proper suggestions from authentic sources because these can easily scam you and you fall a victim of their trap. Be very careful and use all your senses before signing up for any such insurance company either online or through paper work.

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