Paintless dent repair, also known as PDR or paintless dent removal, is simply a way of repairing or removing small dents from the body of your car. This service is highly demanded and very popular  and most dents can be repaired using Paint less dent removal as long as the surface of the paint hasn’t been damaged.

We have talked about how we use latest technology and equip ourselves with the newest machinery, materials and methods. Hence, among the many services that we provide that are new and up to date, paintless dent removal is one of them. If you have a dent in your case because of a minor or a major accident, it can be removed by paintless dent removal from us. Paintless dent removal can be carried out on the following

  • Hail Damage
  • Door Dings
  • Bodylines Damage
  • Minor Creases
  • Large Dents

For all of these mentioned above, paintless dent removal is a very good option and the one that you should opt for rather than any other dent removal method.

The paintless dent removal service that we provide to our customers can be used on aluminium and steel panels as well.  Paintless dent removal is a tricky task and there are a few people and a few companies that provide the right paintless dent removal service. However, our technicians are very good at paintless dent removal. With their expertise, this difficult rather tricky task is carried out very smoothly at our company.

We also have the right dent repair tools to carry out this task. Hence, with people who are good at this work and the tools that are made to particularly carry out this task, there is no other company that would be a better choice than us if you are searching for the right choice for paintless dent removal.

Compared to the quality and fineness of the service we provide, our paintless dent removal service is not overpriced. If you want to get it, we suggest you to visit us soon and check out our rates and we are very sure that you will find our rates economical and our service the best than you would come across elsewhere.


At Patriots’, we always look forward to follow through with the most updated industry standards and practices, we usually train our staff with the latest that is out there to learn! We also keep state-of-the-art equipment to take care of the more complicated jobs at hand. One of such tasks and the services that we provide is the Paintless Dent Removal in Lowell, MA. Paintless Dent Removal are tricky business and we have mastered it well over the years. It takes gentle, gradual vacuumed heating to release the dents within your vehicle.

Patriots Auto Body in Lowell offers a wide range of collision center services including custom paint jobs, dent removals and paintless dent removals to almost all kind of road vehicles including trucks and vans.

  • We make auto repair more convenient for you
  • We are a friendly and professional group of people
  • We handle a wide range of car services
  • Same day service for most repairs and maintenance
  • We get the job done right — the first time


  • How long does paintless dent repair take?

    Most door dings take about 45 minutes. Larger and more complex dents can take 2-4 hours. Hail damage repairs usually take 1-3 days.

  • How much does dent repair cost?

    The cost of dent damage repairs varies from one auto body shop to another. Some claim that small dents can be removed for $70-$85. Medium sized dents cost$90-$120 per repair, and large dents are far more expensive to remove at $150-$175 per repair.

  • How does the paintless dent repair work?

    Paintless Dent Repair, also called PDR, is the process of removing small dents, door dings or hail damage dents from the metal panels of a vehicle. This is done with special PDR tools like metal rods and hammers, that are used to gently push out the damage from the inside and outside of the panel.