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The radiator is usually the issue when your car is broken down on the side of the street and vapor is coming out from the hood. Patriots Auto Body is here to educate you on how to get back to rolling again. This could be due to a malfunction of the thermostat, or simply a replacement of the broken radiator. You will Know for sure what’s wrong with your radiator performance at Patriots Auto Body Repair in Lowell, MA. Our Professional mechanic often finds that the reason for all this car problem is a leak in the radiator’s hose which allows the Freon to go through. with time Hoses get old and they crack.

 Here is a brief terminology to help you understand:


Radiators is a type of heat exchanger. Its main purpose is to transfer heat from the hot coolant that circulate inside it to the air blown inside the car through the fan.

The latest car makes use aluminum radiators. The coolant flows from the inlet to the outlet through many tubes mounted in a parallel arrangement. So basically, the radiators are heat exchangers for cooling your car’s engine. When the radiator stops working, the extra heat produced by the engine could be negative to the car engine. To avoid this from happening, please have your radiator serviced on a regular basis at Patriots Auto Body.

 Radiator Flush

To function properly the radiator needs to stay clean. Dirt most of all hurts your radiator’s performance. A routine radiator flush is enough to keep the system working normally. For this reason, make radiator flushing a part of your car maintenance service. For all your radiator flush needs, call 617-285-2962 or visit Patriots Auto Body today.

 Get Your Vehicle ready for Summer

It’s crucial to prepare your car for the summer season and mainly the heat that increases the chances of a radiator’s malfunction. At Patriots Auto Body in Lowell, our professionals will make the necessary adjustment to get your car ready for summer. These are some of the tasks you need to check:

 Check the battery

Check the fluids

Take a look at the belts and hoses

Test your wipers

Check your tires

Check your headlights, signals, light bulbs and tail lights

Your car will be ready to deal with the hot temperatures, so you can enjoy yourself during the summer.

 Get your car ready for winter

Winter is coming, and you know it will bring every weapon to destroy your car. Trust the mechanics at Patriots Auto Body to winterize your car.

 Schedule an appointment with Patriots to fix Your Radiator!

Our objective is to keep your car on the street not on the side of the road and That’s our to guarantee your safety when on the road. most potential problems are discovered while performing routine inspections at Patriots Auto Body. If your radiator is not working properly then we’re the right shop for you. call us today at 617-285-2962 to schedule your radiator fix or replacement appointment. You can also schedule your appointment right now here Appointment. Next time you’re in the 01851 zip code, stop by Patriots Auto Body at 11 Spring Ave Lowell, MA 01851.