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In New England, motor vehicles must deal with extreme temperatures, Ultraviolet rays, pollution, roads treated with salt during the snowy winters which without a doubt will cause cosmetic damages.

A perfect auto detail from Patriots Auto Body will not only rejuvenate your car but will also help to protect it from everything we mentioned above, making sure your car is keeps the highest resale value. We are here to attend to your requests, and we will do everything in our power to bring out the true colors of your vehicle.


If you are new to the Lowell area and have yet to find your go to Auto Detail Center, we will be happy if you make a stop at Patriots Auto Body. We are sure that our reputation for attention to the slightest detail, our positive energy, expertise, and professional customer service. Cars are our true passion, and we would love to make you a member of Patriots Auto Body’s family!


You should know that our Lowell auto body shop is located in the intersection of Middlesex St and School St and very close to major highways, so if you work or live in Lowell or any nearby city or town or study in UMass Lowell, you’ll find our location to be extremely convenient.


Our Philosophy of Work:

 The following ten Steps are our process to achieve greatness while facing any type of damage.

1. Inspect the damage on your car and collect all information needed to order the parts for your car.

2. Remove the damaged parts and uncover any hidden damage. Inform your insurance carrier that more damage is discovered while getting the maximum payout for customers

3. Examine and repair mechanical problems like suspension, engine, steering, and electrical work.

4. Measure the car’s frame to make sure it responds to the manufacturers’ specifications. If not, we have a 3D frame machine to repair it.

5. Fix dents and scratches.

6. Use our computer System to Match, paint, and refinish the vehicle with BASF Eco Friendly Waterborne paint so that your car looks brand new again.

7. putting together all the parts including bumpers, lights, windshields, moldings, emblems, mirrors, etc.

8. full cleaning of every inch of the car from the interior all the way to the exterior.

9. finish with a final inspection of your vehicle to make sure that nothing was missed.

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