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Auto body Repair Services that we are proud of

Among the many services that we offer at Auto body Lowell, the service that we take immense pride in is our body repair service. There are factors that lead us to be the maestros of auto body repair and once you know them, you will agree with us to. Among our fortes that make us one of the best auto body repair shops are:

  • The usage of the most genuine auto body parts

  • Fully equipped repair shop, garage and manpower

  • All the latest technology and machinery

  • Trained and leading technicians

  • Vehicle modification and customization

  • Active customer care department

Among the many things that you should trust us for, the most important thing that we ensure at our company is the usage of the most genuine automobile parts. Hence, if there is any part that needs to be changed, we make sure that we use the most genuine part to replace it so that it is good for your vehicle. Happy customers are our priority and for that, we make sure that everything we do and our Auto body Repair Services are best quality. We believe that you and your vehicle deserve this treatment and thus we make sure that we provide you with it.

Our repair shop is the best and we take immense pride in it. The reason that our repair shop is the best is the fact that we have fully loaded it with the best and the right form of machinery. The particular machinery that is needed for a particular repair, we have that machine with us. Hence, making our work not only easy but also very fine. We keep up with the newest technology and for that we have people who keep an eye on the new ways to make our work world class. If you want, you can always come to us and take a tour of our garages, we know that you will be nothing else but happy to see the way our repair shops are loaded with the best machinery to provide the best Auto body Repair Services.

Our technical staff is the best. They have been trained and perfected in what they do from years. We have the best staff and we value them more than anything because they are the unsurpassed. We make sure that we provide you Auto body Repair Services like none other and thus leave your vehicle in the safe hand our technicians.

Repair services are what we are the best at but if you want vehicle modification and customization services, then again, you can come to us and we will not disappoint you. You will get exactly what you want.

If you have any queries or any help, you can always contact our customer care department which is very helpful and available all the time to help you out.


Patriots Auto Body Repair in Lowell is keen to offer a wide range of services to vehicle owners who may have been in a collision or an accident. It could even be a few minor scratches or a totaled car, we do it all proudly! Whether it be an SUV, a truck or a coupe, we gladly service all sizes of vehicles.

We believe in providing quality work as that’s one source of repetitive, long term clientele and our goal is to stay honest with our clientele with realistic timelines for their vehicles, we do understand totally that your vehicle is your daily means of commute, for that we even often schedule extra hours for our experienced team to work on your car. We are determined to provide superior Auto Body Repair in Lowell.

Patriots Auto Body offers a wide range of body repair and body restoration to vehicle owners in Lowell, MA. We are keen to help you with superior custom paint, paintless dent removals as well as the frame/unibody repairs.

  • We make auto body repair in and near Lowell much more convenient

  • We believe in job done right — the first time

  • We are a highly professional with skilled mechanics and workers

  • Offer a wide range of accident / collision related services


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