Your car needs a regular tune-up for desired performance and efficacity. Our certified professionals at Patriots Auto Body in Lowell, MA will provide you with the necessary expertise, so your car can perform how you expect it to be. One of our specialty services include tune-ups. Most cars require tune-up every 30,000 miles. Patriots Auto body and Repair provides professional, cheap tune-ups, as well as other mechanical services in Lowell, MA and nearby cities and towns in the Merrimack region.

Why do we need tune-ups?  

A routine tune-up will help the engine of your car with all the possible mechanical issues that may occur by replacing components that are getting old like spark plugs, wires and fuel filters. A routine tune-up inspection can only do good to your car and help it perform better, while assuring a higher fuel mileage, and maximum capacity.

Tune-up service is a must, like everything else, your vehicle has components that have a shelf life. Patriots Auto Body insists that these components have a life expectancy at about every 30,000 miles. While these parts may last longer than what Patriots suggests, so it is always a smart idea to have them inspected by our certified technicians at Patriots Auto Service to make sure everything is in place and in a great condition. If these parts are not regularly checked and a computer diagnostic is not performed, a major malfunction could happen.

Performing a regular Car Tune-Up will prolong the Life of Your Car.

If your car needs a tune up it will show complications such as:

low gasoline mileage

Very Slow acceleration

Strange Engine sounds

Frequent electrical issues

Air flow issues

 A full tune-up performed by Patriots Auto Body in Lowell, MA consists of:

Replacing the old air filter

Replacing the old the gas filters

Replacing the old spark plugs and wires with new ones

Replacing the distributor cap with a new one if needed

Complete visual inspection of engine components

Inspection of the level of the fluids and fill up if necessary

 Patriots Auto Body performs the best and most affordable automotive Tune-Ups in Lowell, MA

Like we always say, Cars are our passion and we know that routine checkups and maintenance such as tune-ups can save you a lot of money over the life of your car.

Request an appointment for a tune-up today at Patriots Auto Body and Auto Service in Lowell, MA and surrounding areas, we will be happy to have you as our loyal guest for many years to come.